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An all-round service that grows with you

Have you successfully launched your website or are you planning to expand your digital offering? I can help you to continuously improve your website and adapt it to your changing needs. Benefit from my expertise for regular content updates, the addition of new functions and all-round carefree website maintenance. My priority is to provide you with a reliable partnership that allows you to focus on your core business while your online presence is constantly evolving.

Professional maintenance for your web presence

Whether after the launch or as an ongoing service, I make sure that your website is always up to date and harmonizes with the developments of your company. From simple text changes to the implementation of complex new features - all changes are implemented quickly, professionally and in accordance with the latest web standards. Practical examples from my previous experience will give you an insight into how I have helped other clients to keep their website lively and attractive to visitors.

Transparent costs: only pay for what you use

My pricing model for maintaining your website is strictly based on the actual work involved. I invoice all work in fair 15-minute intervals, which offers you the greatest possible flexibility and cost transparency. This means that you only pay for the time actually spent on the maintenance work or extensions to your website.

Frequently asked questions

What is not offered?

I set high standards for the quality of my work and continuously update my knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in web development. That's why there are some things I don't offer, because I want you to get the best service - and sometimes that requires specialists in other areas. Just like you wouldn't expect to buy your lunch at a car repair shop, there are services that are outside my area of expertise.

  • SEO (search engine optimization): While all of the websites I create have a solid SEO foundation that provides a good basis for further, specialized SEO work, I do not offer comprehensive SEO services. These include in-depth keyword research, writing specialized SEO content and monitoring rankings. I recommend hiring specialized SEO experts for this.
  • Advertising measures (e.g. Google Ads): I do not offer online advertising services such as placing and managing Google Ads campaigns. Effective advertising measures require specific expertise and a careful strategy in order to be efficient and not incur unnecessary costs. I recommend using experienced specialists for this.
  • Social Media Management: My focus is on the development and maintenance of websites. Social media management is important and is best handled by professionals who specialize in it.

Through this focused approach, I hope to have made it clear to you what my focus is and why certain services are not included in my offer. My goal is to offer the best possible quality in my area of expertise and to add real value to your projects through this specialization.

How transparent is the billing?

Billing is based on actual working hours in 15-minute increments. You will usually receive a detailed invoice with an itemized list of all work performed and its duration at the end of the month. You are welcome to contact me at any time to inquire about the current invoice status.

How can I book?

Simply get in touch with me and tell me about your concerns. I will then arrange everything else with you.

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