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Security and up-to-dateness

I offer you first-class and worry-free maintenance for your WordPress website. With an all-round protection package and a focus on security and up-to-dateness, I make sure your online presence is always up to date and protected from threats. Key benefits include comprehensive protection through regular security updates, a powerful firewall, and an accelerated website through premium tools such as WP Rocket.

Reliable maintenance in detail

The service begins with regular backups of your website, which are stored on external storage devices, and continues with the weekly installation of security updates. The firewall protects against unwanted access and we improve your GDPR compliance with the integrated cookie banner. An SSL certificate ensures trust among visitors and an uptime monitor monitors the constant availability of your site. If required, I also offer advanced analysis tools to record visitor numbers and interactions.

Cost-efficient pricing

The standard package starts at just €24 per month - a lot of service for little money! Additional services tailored to your specific needs can be added on request.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my website has problems?

I monitor your website continuously. If the website has a problem and goes offline, I receive an alert immediately and take care of fixing it straight away.

Is my website theme or plugin compatible with your maintenance service?

Yes, my maintenance service is compatible with every WordPress website, all themes and plug-ins - however, WooCommerce sites are only compatible by prior arrangement due to the increased effort involved.

How can I book?

Simply get in touch with me and tell me about your concerns. I will then arrange everything else with you.

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