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Anja König is a coach working throughout Germany who advises and supports companies and B2B customers using her own developed and certified SAM® method. Her method focuses on recognizing and promoting different skills and experiences. The aim is to help clients achieve greater success and satisfaction through the targeted promotion of order, time management and personal freedom.

Project objective

The main goal of the web design project was to develop a website for Anja König that effectively presents her SAM® method, reflecting the core values of clarity, professionalism and efficiency. The website needed to be engaging to attract potential clients and provide them with the necessary information about the method and associated offerings quickly and easily.


  • A clean and professional design with a color palette of reds and grays to convey energy and seriousness
  • Simple and intuitive navigation that supports the transfer of information
  • Compact text blocks that present the services and the method briefly and concisely
  • Highlighted price information for transparency and easy access
  • Use of photos and icons to build trust and present Anja König as an expert
  • Use of customer testimonials to emphasize social proof and the effectiveness of the SAM® method


The end result is a clear and appealing website that effectively presents Anja König as a competent coach and her SAM® method. The design focuses on quickly showing users the advantages of the method and how it is implemented in the various services. Particular attention is paid to transparency in the presentation of information in order to give potential customers a sense of security. Both the visual design and the structure of the content are designed to arouse interest and optimize user guidance so that visitors are effectively guided from initial contact through to making contact.


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