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Fortius Real Estate is a medium-sized real estate company with a focus on investment and real estate services in Mannheim. As a property development company, Fortius Real Estate attaches great importance to professionalism and traditional business values and provides its clients with advice in both the home ownership and investment sectors.

Project objective

The aim of the project was to develop a website that both reflects the professional image of Fortius Real Estate and provides a user-friendly and information-centered platform for potential clients and partners. The site was to combine modernity with traditional flair and present the company in a representative way through a clear structure and design elements.


  • Creation of a minimalist and elegant web design in collaboration with the company's in-house designer.
  • Development of a color scheme that provides clarity and white space.
  • Introduction of a user-friendly layout with intuitive navigation for an uncomplicated user experience.
  • Integration of high-resolution team photos to promote trust and personal contact.
  • Use of classic artwork and high-quality graphic elements to emphasize durability and sophistication.
  • Realization of the website with WordPress and the Oxygen Builder for flexibility and customizability of the content.
  • Ensuring that the website is compatible for different devices and enables a flawless display on mobile devices.
  • Implementation of SEO best practices to optimize visibility in search engines.


The completed web design project for Fortius Real Estate delivers a clearly structured, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website. It successfully reflects the company's professional and consistent image and stands out from competitors with its elegant and information-centered approach. Feedback from users and positive feedback from the Fortius team confirms the achievement of the project goals and contributes to a stronger online presence for the company.


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